Wall Art

Customize size and color based on your design needs. You can send me pictures of your interior and I can design a piece to fit your space perfectly or let's work together to create what you want. No compromise design. Bounce ideas off each other to create the perfect piece.


Variety of table sizes and colors available depending on your needs. Coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables, dining tables, and even bar tops available.

Decorative Items/Gifts

A variety of smaller pieces including coasters, serving trays, wine racks, coat racks, mail and key holders, and other decorative items. Have an idea of your own for my work??? I would love to make it 🙂


This is my workshop here in Greenville North Carolina. It sits in a beautiful wooded lot in my backyard. I spend my days making art and furniture while listening to the birds chirp and the owls hoot. My three dogs Mayzie, Hera, and Titan are close by keeping me company as I work. I absolutely love spending my days like this. My goal is to create pieces that will have that "WOW" factor. Something you don't see everyday. Something new and exciting. My slogan for Running Design is "Let's bring it back to Earth." To me this phrase says many things. Keep things organic. Light. Dark. Growth. Roots. Drawing inspiration from all that is around us. Remembering what is important and what is not. Let's bring it back to Earth.

Anything you see on my website or my instagram @runningzachary can be used as an idea to create something for you. Talk with me. Tell me what you're looking for. We can create a piece together. Table, wall art, whatever. Custom sizes, colors, etc. I am perfectly capable in taking lead to create something that will look amazing in your space, but I also love working together with people. Their ideas combined with mine to create that "No Compromise" one of a kind piece. Sending me pics of your style/things you own that you love all help me with choosing a design/color. Hit me up and let's start chatting about what we want to create together.