My Story

I grew up in northern Wisconsin in a tiny little town called Sugar Camp. I spent a lot of time outside; camping, fishing, building forts, etc. It connected me with the wilderness in ways I don't see in many people. I use a lot of materials from nature. Whenever I am outside I am always on the lookout for things I can create something with.

I recently moved to North Carolina and purchased a beautiful home. I wanted to create a modern-farmhouse vibe and these pieces are what I started creating. These original works of art are earthy and make a bold statement.

I am creating these products because this is what I love to do. I will never work a day in my life if this is what I am doing. I hope people that see my art will appreciate the things I have done and also the natural materials used. I plan to keep creating new pieces everyday. I'll be updating the site constantly with my new custom designs.

My approach

Runningdesignshop.com is to show people what kind of art I make. I want people to know to email me so we can discuss a custom piece for your home or business. Whether it is wall art or a table or both. I will make something original just for you. If you love a piece I have already made I will create one for you.