This is the currently available section

These items are labeled by number. If interested in a piece just reference the number that it is labeled within your email. Keep in mind that these items can be purchased but can also be used as a price point reference for a custom design. Price will vary depending on detail in the image and the time it takes me. As I make more pieces and post them you will see the difference. Most any design you see could be made into whatever you might be looking for. Table, wall art, etc. Maybe even collect ideas of things you like from multiple pieces and we can create a new piece together 🙂

Once we talk about what you are interested in I will email you a invoice where you can put down a deposit by credit or debit card. Remaining balance will be due before pick up or shipping.

I offer shipping on all wall art and tables. Cost varies with size.

All artwork includes hardware.

Currently available section. These are all one of a kind pieces no one else has and will never be recreated. I make these in between custom projects.

1)From my pheasants of the woods collection this measures 13 inches by 6 feet.  Rose gold center and a smoky beige frame. $399 and is currently available

2) Grow Forever. Measures 25 inches by 6 feet. $750

3) The Eye of Tomorrow. Measures 4 feet by 6 feet $600

4) Wall art or hanging headboard measuring 34 inches by 6 feet. $350 and is currently available

5) From my pheasants of the woods collection this measures 18 inches by 6 feet. Wall art can hang either direction $450 and is currently available

6) Flower of life wall art.$100 and is currently available

7) From my Let there be light collection this is "Light from fire" measures 18 inches by 4 feet $300 and is currently available

8) 4 person dining table measuring 33 inches by 37 inches and 30 inches tall. black metal hairpin legs and hard resin finish.

9) I will not let you go. Wall art measuring 25 inches by 6 feet. Hard resin finish. Hangs horizontally. $650.

10) From my Let there be light collection two different pieces measuring 13 inches by 3 feet. Ask for red or blue. $140 each

11) From my Between and beyond collection  is "Rise above it" measures 22 inches by 4 feet and is currently available $280

12) Artificial Intelligence. Wall art measuring 22 inches by 6 feet. $650

13) Coffee table measuring 25 inches by 4 feet and 18 inches tall. Hard resin finish and black metal hairpin legs. $400

14) Coat rack measures 34 inches by 14 inches $120


15) Running Design wall art measuring 18 inches by 3 feet This is available $120 can hang either direction.

16) Running Design wine rack. Piece of white ash from my land in WI. Live edge. Measures 10 inches by 45 inches. $140

17)Running Design wall art. BOHO style. Measures 13 inches by 3 feet. $100